In Safe Hands
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Rum Thief - Clouded Mind (Music Video)

A two day shoot that made my hands go numb. I remember driving up to the top of the Lowry Centre Car Park at 4 in the morning to film this. Who knew that the sunrise was such a nusance. In the middle of winter, I remember my feet felt like rocks after about an hour and holding them in front of the car air conditioning for a good half an hour afterwards.

But, this makes for one of my proudest works. Moving car shots, implementation of the fish-eye, beautiful cityscapes, slider shots... This is also where we first met the Donnelly Brothers after shooting without permission on their office fire escape. After a brief altercation, things were smoothed over and we were invited in for a drink...

But anyway, this is about Rum Thief. Awesome tune, cool video. Enjoy

Recorded and edited by Feature Phonic Media 

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