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World Mental Health Day - Mersey Care Campaign


I’ve been working with the NHS for over half a decade, trying to raise awareness for various mental health campaigns through the use of video. However, the overarching project has been to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues (although some have argued that associating the word “stigma” with mental health hasn't been particularly helpful). It’s been a tricky process given the overtly PC nature of the NHS, making it difficult for anyone to condone “rocking the boat” or creating anything that might be seen as controversial.

When I was told I’d be working with a group of 30 teenagers to produce 4 films based around different mental health issues, I was relieved. Teenagers - for the most part - don’t care about PC culture. And these teenagers were also budding thespians at the “Manchester School of Acting”, a Company who played a major role in the completion of this project.


We were given 5 days (10am - 4pm) to have the films ready. A frustratingly small amount of time considering the resources available, and had to get the students working from concept, through to storyboard, to production, to post-production. The main aim was to teach them the film-making process whilst also producing something meaningful and (hopefully) helpful to the general public.

The 30 students split into 4 groups who were tasked with creating films addressing particular topics. These were the 4:

Social Anxiety” “Body Shaming” “Glamourising Mental Health” and “Social Media


Social Anxiety

Body Shaming


Glamourising Mental Health

Social Media