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Here you can find out about the crew, and general goings on within Feature Phonic Media. We cover all aspects of video production and work on both small and medium scale projects


We are a full service, digital video production company based in Manchester

We produce various aspects of video production ranging from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing.

Our aim is to engage audiences emotionally and with something unique.

Josh Woods - Managing Director

Josh Woods - Managing Director

Company Director:
Josh Woods
Based in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Josh Woods is a 27 year old film maker, business owner and musician. He has over six years experience in dealing with small to medium scale productions and often works on many roles within a project including camera, sound and lighting.     

Josh would have rather bought a new firewire cable or a set of mini DV tapes growing up than a remote control car – this is where the fascination started. After five years of creating, performing and recording original music, his focus shifted to video. While in University, Josh interned at a small Video Production Company “Paramount Media Ltd” and within six months became the Company in-house editor and Cinematographer.

With the intention of being completely self sufficient, Josh established his own Company (Feature Phonic Media), which is still thriving within a heavily competitive industry. Collaborations with major brands (Manchester United, Nike, Gio-Goi, NHS Trust – to list a few) have resulted in a solid reputation and quality of work.